Manitou Springs Middle School SWAT Team

Manitou Springs Middle School SWAT Team
Posted on 04/05/2023
swatManitou Springs Middle School SWAT Team
The Manitou Springs Middle School SWAT Team is working hard to keep tobacco out of their school. SWAT stands for "Students Working Against Tobacco."

Some Activities completed by MSMS SWAT Team
* Reviewing school tobacco free campus signage to determine if more signs were needed to let people know that this is a Tobacco Free Campus. Students noticed no signs were on the buses so we ordered signs for the buses. 

* Playing bingo and word searches utilizing words associated with tobacco and nicotine use.

* Completing a Tobacco Industry Marketing Activity to teach them how tobacco industries target specific populations, including youth, into a lifetime of nicotine addiction.

* Posters using their own words and designs that will be hung up around the school to promote not using tobacco/nicotine products

* Putting educational pamphlets regarding the harms of tobacco/nicotine use in areas where it is a more popular place that students want to vape or smoke.

* MSMS is utilizing Second Chance which is an online course that students take when they have been caught using tobacco products on campus.

Parents Resource
A virtual workshop called “Start the Conversation” which talks about how to talk with young people about vaping, JUULS and other electronic nicotine products. This program is sponsored by the El Paso County Department of Health

MSMS would like to thank Dacia Hudson and Lanoe from the El Paso County Health Department for their support in assisting with the Tobacco Free Mini-Grant that we were awarded. We are so excited for this partnership!