8th Grade

Welcome to 8th Grade
Our goal for our 8th grade students is to help create kind, curious, and confident lifelong learners. Additionally, we will advance as much social and academic growth as possible to prepare students for high school and all of their future endeavors. To do this, we will promote a safe and fun learning environment where students feel a sense of belonging while taking responsibility for themselves as people, as friends, and as learners. We will also encourage and facilitate healthy boundaries for all of their relationships. Finally, we will help students recognize and realize the gains they are making as they make them.

Mr. Duthoy, Math:
Welcome to Pre-Algebra! This course will prepare students for the basics of Algebra to prepare for 9th grade. Algebra works with many different types of mathematical relationships like linear equations, exponents, scientific notation, geometry, and scatter plots. In this course, students will learn to communicate like mathematicians, including how they speak about math, how they write about mathematical concepts, and how they show their thinking through their problem solving.

Welcome to Algebra!
The first semester of Algebra will include a review of solving and graphing linear equations, solving systems of linear equations, and analyzing statistics. Second semester we will work on learning about polynomials as well as exponential and quadratic equations. Throughout, we will use math vocabulary and persevere. Remember, we learn by making mistakes, and then fixing those mistakes.

Mrs. DiSantis, ELA:
This course focuses on the study of literary genres. Students will be introduced to a wide range of texts, both informational and literary, to develop literacy skills "essential for students to fully participate in and expand their understanding of today’s global society," which is in line with the Colorado State Reading Standards for 8th Grade. Writing is a fundamental component of literacy: students will be given many opportunities for writing to help build knowledge and to better understand the human experience. This course will strive for finding the value in different perspectives expressed by others. A final focus of the course is self-reflection through literature: students will reflect on their thoughts, beliefs, ideas, and values through the exploration and consumption of literature. And most important, be a kind human being.

Ms. Smith, Science:
Welcome to Physical Science! We will be spending the year exploring Physics and Chemistry, with a focus on Motion, Force, Energy, and Conservation of Matter. This class will focus on building science skills in the areas of experimental design, data collection, and data analysis. You will learn to question everything!

Mr. Connors, Social Studies:
Welcome to 8th Grade! I'm looking forward to another great year of studying about the world and its people. This year we will focus on United States history from the Revolution to Reconstruction. Along the way you will learn lots of new vocabulary, writing techniques, map reading skills, economic concepts, geography terms, and government ideas.