Project Lead the Way

Project Lead the Way is an American-based, nonprofit program that was created for a much needed globally-competitive STEM curricula. PLTW achieves student motivation and learning via unparalleled opportunities to work collaboratively, identify problems, apply individual insights, persevere through challenges, find unique solutions, and achieve knowledge in a self-differentiated manner.

Design and Modeling Course
Design & Modeling is our 6th grade introduction to PLTW Gateway. This curriculum builds empathy in our youth by forcing students to identify with their users before they can problem solve and creates a foundation for self-advocating to solve said problems using real-world techniques seen in engineering and many other fields within the tech or science industry. Students learn hands-on skills to build prototypes by mechanical dissection, engineer sketching techniques to build a two-dimensional representation to a three-dimensional solid model with technology. These concepts build on our students’ ability to think critically, diving deeper into multiple aspects of learning and communicating as they work together to complete problem solving projects.

Automation and Robotics Course
Automation & Robotics is a curriculum designed to introduce students to mechanical systems, motion transfer, machine automation, and computer control systems via Java-based Programming. Students learn to use optical sensors, loops, and conditional statements to program a robot they create from the chassis up! Students learn with hands-on building experience and troubleshooting concepts, working as interns within a team to create prototypes that meet the needs of their “clients” by building and analyzing mechanical systems. They then automate their robots with programmed input and output devices.

Ms. Mattison