6th Grade

Welcome to 6th Grade
Welcome to all new 6th graders and your parents! 6th grade is an amazing year filled with new challenges, tough transitions, and so much growth! The 6th grade team is committed to helping every student make the transition to middle school as smoothly as possible, and to having a lot of fun while we do it!

6th grade math is all about laying a good foundation both mentally and emotionally to help students be successful as they continue on their higher level math journey! As we work through the Colorado State Content Standards, we will also be building skills like growth mindset and self-advocacy. Students will be instructed on how to seek help, and encouraged to do so in a way that makes them feel more successful! They will learn what it means to be prepared for learning, and held to that high standard everyday. The goal is to show students that working hard and having fun do not have to be mutually exclusive, and that everyone is capable of participating in math at a high level!

Language Arts modules are literacy-focused; at their core is a commitment to helping students become enthusiastic, critical, and effective readers of diverse texts. Our year will consist of four Modules, each broken into three smaller Units. Your student will take a traditional assessment midway through each unit, and work on varied end of unit assessments to increase their skills in writing, vocabulary, critical discussion, and presenting research. Our module topics include Greek Mythology, Characters Facing Challenges, Critical Problems/ Designing Solutions, Boarding Schools, and Remarkable Accomplishments in Space Science!

6th graders in my class study Earth Science, but we learn well beyond the Earth into the universe. The year starts off with students learning what Science is and how to think like a scientist. Throughout the year we explore the rich history of our planet from origins to current events. I aspire to teach kids to learn by inquiry, modeling, and creative problem solving through hands-on projects and labs. Students create a tunnel through time, build a civilization and save it from disaster and launch rockets of their own design. I hope to spark a fire inside them that will transform them into resourceful, inquisitive, critical thinkers of the future.

Social Studies:
In our 6th grade Social Studies class, we will cover the core ideas that make up the subject of Social Studies: geography, economics, civics, and history. We will be primarily focusing on the Western Hemisphere with hopes that your child will have a more complete understanding of the Western world!