Mr. Holt, Counselor

My role:
•Guide students to be prepared for high school and beyond
•Assist students in three domains- academic, career, social/personal (manage anger, resolve conflict, build interpersonal skills, develop problem solving skills, request adult assistance with serious concerns
•Advocate for you and your needs!
•Examples: decision making, study skills, schedules, transitions, goal setting, relationships, conflict resolution, future planning, lunch group, safe place ally group etc.......

Why see the counselor:
•General information
•Not sure what to do or who to ask
•Stress, anxiety, anger, etc....
•Issue with someone at school
•Issue with someone at home
*** Counselors don't give advice, counselors give students time and resources to make the best choices for them personally.

Conversations with me will remain confidential. Anything we talk about will remain private unless I receive permission from you to share with a specific individual.
The only way I will break confidentiality is if I am worried about someone hurting you, you hurting yourself or you hurting others.

Please click here to set up a time to meet with me.