7th Grade

We are so glad you are a part of our Mustang 7th grade Herd! Thank you for trusting your children to us. We promise to do our best to keep your children engaged, curious, safe, happy, and to give them the highest quality education possible.

Math:  Mrs. McQueeney
Welcome to 7th grade math! During Quarter 1, we will focus on developing a growth mindset in math, meaning that we believe anyone can learn math to a high level, and that hard work and effort always lead to strong academic achievement. We will focus on deep, collaborative learning and problem-solving, as well as the scope and sequence of skills as outlined in the 7th grade Colorado Math Standards. You can find these standards, as well as information about the many on-line resources we will use, on the 7th Math Canvas Parent Resources and Syllabus pages.


Pre-Algebra and Algebra:
We study many concepts including solving and graphing linear equations as well as solving systems of equations. Pre-Algebra will continue with 8th grade standards such as volume of spheres as well as completing 7th grade standards. Algebra will move ahead into exponential and quadratic functions.

Ms. Spengler - Language Arts
Our class will be using Scholastic’s Scope Magazine as our Language Arts curriculum for the year. Your child will receive a 32-page magazine full of non-fiction, short stories, plays, grammar, and poetry 9 times over the course of the year. Scope Magazine is also available on-line, so students will always have access to quality reading material that they can both hold in their hands and access remotely. I start every class period with 10 minutes of Silent Reading, and will work diligently to help your children find books that they love. Besides reading, I love cats, coffee, sunflowers, writing poetry, playing board games, and rearranging the furniture.

Language Arts
This year we will closely read a variety of fiction and non-fiction texts, connect our knowledge to new ideas, and write effective, organized essays. Like Ms. Spengler’s LA class, we will also be using the monthly Scholastic Scope Magazine. We will also find ways to link our reading and writing to practical, hands-on agricultural learning. Each day, we will walk to Flying Pig Farm, where the needs of plants and animals present daily lessons on food cultivation and culture building. This interwoven curriculum will help students cultivate resilient, healthy habits that support an empowered mindset and successful behaviors.

Welcome to Life Science. I look forward to the year of discovery and learning for all of us.
First semester the focus will be on exploring the tools of science, studying the interactions between plants and animals within an ecosystem and what our role is as humans in protecting our environment.
Second Semester students will investigate the structure and functions of body systems, evaluate personal choices and decisions to recognize how those choices relate to their body health, growth and development.


Social Studies: Mr. Johnson
Welcome to Social Studies! In this course, students will learn about the development of government, culture, and trade in classic Western Civilizations (Greece and Rome) as well as societies and empires in Africa, Asia, and Europe. We will focus on analyzing primary and secondary sources and writing historical essays that use effective reasoning and evidence. Collaboration and discussion with peers will also be a key part of Social Studies.

social studies