World Languages

¡[email protected] a la clase de español! Spanish class is spent primarily using and listening to Spanish in order to acquire the language like we acquired our first language as babies--by listening! We also do lots of reading as well as some speaking and writing. We use a mix of silly stories and authentic resources from around the Spanish-speaking world. We focus on high frequency vocabulary--the vocabulary one is most likely to need in order to navigate basic conversations in Spanish. Students who elect to take Spanish in both 7th and 8th grade have the opportunity to test into Spanish level 2 as 9th graders at MSHS.


French 1.1 & French 1.2
Welcome 7th & 8th Grade FRANCOPHONE Travelers! Viva La France!

French language learning at the middle school over a two-year period will cover all the basic language requirements that would help a student negotiate through the streets of the beautiful city of Paris, or in any French speaking country across the world! The first year will cover basic skills of greetings and introductions, personal descriptions, school life, culinary inspiration, and involvement in various student activities. The second year will further explore topics of family and home life, including other areas of interest such as weather, clothing, and shopping. Speaking and reading the language will play a major role in everyday activities in each class. French cultural insight is woven throughout every unit with an emphasis on the spoken language in France today.

Welcome 6th Grade World Language Travelers!
This introductory, one semester, course in middle school world language will include basic introductions and greetings in three languages: French, Spanish, and German. There will be opportunities to learn some simple phrases, and acquire basic language skills in counting, learning colors, naming animals, and thinking about food in these languages. It will be vocabulary rich with interactive activities that encourage student interest and reflection about the important role that language and culture play in the fabric of a global perspective.

Claudine Huntington, Manitou Springs Middle School, 2021-2022