8th Grade

Welcome to 8th Grade

Welcome to Pre-Algebra! This course will prepare students for the basics of Algebra which works with many different types of mathematical relationships like linear equations, exponents, scientific notation, geometry, and scatter plots. In this course, students will learn to communicate like mathematicians in how they speak about math, how they write about math concepts, and how they show their thinking through their problem solving.

The first semester of Algebra will include review including solving and graphing linear equations as well as solving systems of linear equations. Second semester we will work on learning about polynomials as well as exponential and quadratic equations. Throughout, we will strive to grow and use our math vocabulary and always treat our mistakes as opportunities to learn.

Welcome to your first high school course! What a great journey we will start together! Geometry is a very different study of math from what students have seen so far. There is a lot of writing in Geometry through proofs and communicating your thoughts about the concepts. Students will continue the work they started in Algebra I with linear concepts and will make connections to Geometry. They will also explore triangles with an introduction to Trigonometry. Lastly they will learn more about circles and quadrilaterals.

This year in 8th grade Language Arts, students will engage in thematic units in which they will read rich texts that are relevant and exciting for young readers. Students will expand their writing skills as we practice writing organized and thoughtful essays, learn challenging vocabulary through Greek and Latin roots, and develop understanding of grammar and how it impacts their own writing. Students will also engage in National Novel Writing Month in November where they will have the opportunity to write their own novel. Throughout the year I will work closely with students to find books that they love to read as independent reading is an important part of our classroom.

Welcome to Physical Science! We will be spending the year exploring Physics and Chemistry, with a focus on Motion, Force, Energy, and Conservation of Matter. This class will focus on building science skills in the areas of experimental design, data collection, and data analysis. We will also be doing several large projects as culminating events in our units of Force and Motion as well as our Energy unit.

Social Studies:
Welcome to 8th Grade! I'm looking forward to another great year of studying about the world and its people. This year we will focus on United States history from the Revolution to Reconstruction. Along the way you will learn lots of new vocabulary, writing techniques, map reading skills, economic concepts, geography terms, and government ideas.